EU program backs video-conferencing platforms for Ukrainian researchers and educators

The URAN Association, the national research and education network (NREN) of Ukraine, supports remote communications services to researchers and educators. These services include eduMEET, which was deployed with EU support as part of the EU4Digital program. 

A web-based, secure online video-conferencing service, eduMEET was developed by the NREN community in the EU-funded GÉANT project GN4-3. In March 2020, URAN quickly deployed this platform in Ukraine with the support of GÉANT and the EU-funded Up2U project, as well as EaPConnect.

“Every day, eduMEET is used by 60 to 120 Ukrainian users simultaneously,” URAN technical specialist Oleh Yurchenko said, while demonstrating eduMEET at a webinar which took place in late March 2021.

Another project supported by the URAN is a video-conferencing platform dubbed ‘WebClass.’ Based on BigBlueButton, an easy-to-use open-source software, this service allows URAN users to hold a variety of online events, from school-parent talks to business meetings and international scientific conferences.

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