Yuliya Sychikova of AVentures Capital: “Almost all Ukrainian venture deals are made with entities registered in other jurisdictions”

The US-Ukraine Foundation (USUF) offers a new episode of its On the Digital Frontier webcast series, with Mike Buryk discussing with AVentures Capital Director Yuliya Sychikova and UADN Chief Editor Adrien Henni the country’s current venture trends.

The discussion stems from the key findings of ‘The Dealbook of Ukraine 2021,’ an industry report released in March this year by AVentures Capital.

Among the sensitive issues covered in this webcast is the internationalization of Ukrainian startups — which tend to register their headquarters in other countries and conduct a part of their operations from there. Henni asked which fraction of these startups and the associated venture volume could still be considered “Ukrainian,” in this context.

“Almost all Ukrainian venture deals are made with entities registered in other jurisdictions,” conceded Sychikova. However, these startups were not just founded by Ukrainians: in the majority of cases, they keep substantial activities and the better part of their human resources in their country of origin, she explained.

Topics: Data & reports, Finance, International, People, Venture/Private equity
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