Ukrainian startup raises $900,000 to create NFT-supporting fan engagement apps

Earlier this month Blocksport, a startup developing mobile apps for teams to find and attract sponsors, sell merchandise or collect data about their fans, attracted $900,000.

The Chinese venture capital firm Panda Capital, the US fund Aves Lair, Switzerland’s CV VC and smaller investors contributed $500,000 to the round while $400,000 came from token sales.

The company has attracted $1.2 million in investments in total since it was founded in 2019. It has yet to turn a profit but believes that day is coming soon.

Part of Blocksport’s team works in Ukraine, but the company’s headquarters are in Zug, Switzerland’s ‘Crypto Valley’ known for having one of the best legislation for cryptocurrency users.

Ukrainian startup raises $900,000 to create NFT-supporting fan engagement appsRead More
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