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Ukrainian tech investor TA Ventures turns to Web 3.0

TA Ventures, a major Ukrainian tech investor operating internationally, plans to increase the size of its fund from $50 million to $75 million. The additional capital will be used to invest Web 3.0, blockchain and metaverse projects, TA Ventures representatives told Ukrainian tech blog AIN.UA

TA Ventures already started investing in this field, writes AIN.UA, citing as examples international projects Aerial (NFTs to track and offset carbon footprint), Alt (alternative asset platform), Gemini (crypto exchange and NFT platform), Moonpay (crypto exchange).

The VC firm also invests — more rarely — in projects rooted in Eastern Europe. Recent deals in the metaverse or virtualization space include Ukrainian Party.Space (virtual events) and Russian Brickit (app to digitize Lego).

“We started investing in Web 3.0 at the end of 2020,” TA Ventures Partner Oleg Malenkov told AIN.UA, citing DeFi, DAO, NF and infrastructure solutions for the ecosystem. “The industry is changing extremely fast, as witnessed by the fact that Solana, one of the most popular blockchain platforms in the world, was launched only in 2020.”

“Our investment strategy adapts to the new paradigm but still keeps its key components: investing in early-stage startups, focusing on the team, co-investing with our network, and target global markets,” Malenkov added. 

Nevertheless, TA Ventures continues investing in other sectors, including digital health, transportation technology, enterprise software, and direct-to-consumer. The firm closed some 50 deals and invested more than $10 million in less than a year, writes AIN.UA.

TA Ventures founder Viktoriya Tigipko, said she had plans to launch a new fund, “2-3 times larger than the existing one,” in the near future. 

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