A Ukrainian AR/VR founder’s call for support

On the second day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Daria Fedko left her house in a town near Ukraine’s capital Kyiv for a town about 200 km southeast. From there, the co-founder and CEO of WE/AR Studio, an AR and VR developer, is trying to keep in touch with her 27 employees to ensure they’re safe.

“Some of them left the country, and some of them are in the western part of Ukraine now,” Fedko told me in an interview. For now, in western and central Ukraine, the fighting and Russian bombing is less intense. But some WE/AR employees are still in Kyiv, seeking safety in bomb shelters. And some have volunteered for the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces, the country’s civilian branch.

The experience of Fedko and her team at WE/AR offers a window into what life is like for Ukrainians today, six days after Russia invaded.

  • Read the full story on The Information
  • Read Fedko’s call to the international business community: “Keep working with Ukrainian companies”

A Ukrainian AR/VR founder’s call for supportRead More
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