How tech investors and entrepreneurs are rescuing startup teams hit by the war

Launched by the FREE Ukraine Foundation jointly with the Ukrainian venture capital and private equity association (UVCA), this program aims to provide targeted assistance to Ukrainian IT entrepreneurs, their employees and families who are exposed to the war and need help on the ground.

These people’s lives, and the existence of their companies – which are deeply connected with the global economy – are at stake. 

“Support Ukrainian startups NOW” is a grant program for the IT service companies and tech startup from Ukraine. While many other programs target refugees outside the country, this program focuses on those who are staying in Ukraine. 

This program is to support the companies and people in the most critical situation, according to our selection. We are committed to full transparency in the selection process. You may also choose to support one or several specific companies. Your help will definitely reach its addressee!

As of March 30, 2022, the program committee already approved eight Ukrainians startups to receive first grant tranches and various forms of support. This has been made possible by program sponsors Altair Capital, Almaz Capital and a few US tech entrepreneurs.

How you can help:

  • By providing financial assistance: see transfer details below
  • By providing human or networking resources for technical/business support of these companies

Please fill in this form 

What you get:

  • Program Friend and Sponsor Certificate
  • UVCA Honorary Member status

You’re welcome to join us to participate personally in further program developments! 

How Ukrainian tech companies can apply for support:

Send your application in free form including:

  • a description of your company  team, stage and budget. Don’t forget to specify your contact details;
  • a note explaining explaining why your company needs support;
  • business or other references. 

Feel free to suggest other companies that need help!

We’ll carefully consider your application and provide an answer in a matter of days. 

Grant committee

The grant committee includes renowned figures of the Ukrainian IT and venture industry:

  • Andriy Kolodyuk, Free Ukraine Foundation
  • Dmytro Kuzmenko, СEO UVCA
  • Rostyslav Chayka, founder & CEO of Lviv Startup Club and Edunomica
  • Vita Kravchuk, the Founders League
  • Maxim Moneta, Founder Institute Ukraine

How to donate:

By bank transfer: 
Bank Address: Sylvain Dupuislaan 251 – 1070 Brussels
Account Name: Free Ukraine Foundation vzw
Address of Free Ukraine Foundation: Essenlaan 8 – 2940 Hoevenen
IBAN: BE20 1030 7900 5356
Reference: Support Ukrainian Startups

In crypto:
Bitcoin: 1BLW44aKiMg8NL7V7Htawq1cMJMGzZAMz9
ETH: 0x426eddd479a5036cdc014c822f8b8a0b7220acbb

To learn more about the UVCA, please contact Dmytro Kuzmenko, CEO, at ceo[at] 

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