Anthems of victory: How Ukraine is winning the online culture war

Whilst all eyes are on Donbas as Russia continues its devastating invasion of Ukraine, another war is being fought on our TVs, phones and computers: the culture war. Right from the start of the offensive, Ukraine has been quick to establish its cultural narrative and ensure that in this war, it will be victorious.

Last weekend, the Ukrainian hip-hop group Kalush Orchestra became a household name after their triumphant performance at Eurovision, which has since garnered over 15mn views on YouTube. At the end of the performance, the lead singer made an emotional plea to the crowd: “Please help Ukraine. Help Mariupol. Azovstal”. Despite political messages being banned from Eurovision, the band was not penalised and received a round of applause and a record-breaking 631 points.

Anthems of victory: How Ukraine is winning the online culture warRead More
Topics: Analysis & opinion, International, Internet, Social networks
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