Ukrainian non-profits help startups integrate into advanced EU innovation ecosystems

In the weeks following the Russian invasion, the FREE Ukraine Foundation and investor association UVCA launched a program called ‘Support Ukrainian startups NOW,’ aiming to help Ukrainian IT entrepreneurs, their employees and families exposed to the war. 

The UVCA provided Ukrainian Digital News with fresh updates about this initiative. To date, the program has supported 24 startups that stayed in Ukraine, each receiving on average $5,000, said UVCA Chairman Andrey Kolodyuk.

“We are supporting startups to cover their essential needs and provide technological, professional, and networking support, and much more. In addition, we’ve created a catalog of Ukrainian startups with the greatest investment potential, with Demo Days being held to connect them with investors from around the world.”

Some of these startups have also benefitted from grants of up to $100,000 under the ‘Google for Startups’ program.

Currently the UVCA is exploring partnership opportunities with technology hubs across the EU.  Kolodyuk has engaged in dialogues with several potential partners in countries such as France, Germany and the Netherlands. 

“Most of these startups are scattered across Europe, from Poland to Portugal. They’d better be grouped within a tech hub that could ensure their quick and successful integration into advanced innovation ecosystems,” explained Kolodyuk. 

The startups currently supported under the ‘Support Ukrainian startups NOW’ program include (non exhaustive): 

  • – virtual dressing room for online shops
  • Caretech.human – health screening checks for multiple urology diseases by monitoring lower urinary tract symptoms
  • Discoperi – AI solutions for cities to solve transportation and security problems
  • – people management tool for innovative companies
  • EqMan – a B2B SaaS solution for bookkeeping of valuables that is implementable within one day
  • Fintellect – a financial one-stop-shop app for creative and IT service business
  • ICS – communication system for territory defense and emergency services
  • i3 Engineering – smart houses and home automation systems
  • Knopka – low-tech automation solution for hospitals and care homes
  • Manna – an interactive 3D streaming network
  • Meredot – wireless electric road systems (WER) for vehicles charging
  • MoniHeal – online social medical platform
  • Nect – mobile secure high-speed Internet
  • Promin Aerospace – building rockets to “democratize space” – adjustable to any mass for both suborbital and orbital missions
  • Sorbsys – world’s first safe batteries with Zero environmental impact made from renewable raw materials
  • Suplery – order automation and B2B marketplace for professional cosmetics
  • WheelKeep – a solution for velo-enthusiasts that helps prevent stealing the bikes and grants more freedom in everyday riding
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