At $6.40 per month, Ukraine has the cheapest Internet in the world

Ukraine has the cheapest fixed-line broadband internet globally at $6.40 per month, according to a data presentation. Tariffs in Moldova, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan are also among the lowest globally.  

“Ukraine’s mobile and fixed broadband infrastructure is excellent, allowing internet providers to avail large data amounts at a lower average internet cost. This means that Ukrainians can enjoy fast, reliable internet access at a fraction of the cost of their counterparts in other countries. And with more and more people accessing the internet daily, the demand for affordable internet is only likely to increase,” notes Edith Reads, financial analyst at TradingPlatforms.

Eritrea has the most expensive fixed-line broadband internet with $2,666 per month.  

On the lower end of the chart, the US is ranked 131st in terms of internet connection costs. US Internet subscribers pay an average monthly charge of $60.

At $6.40 per month, Ukraine has the cheapest Internet in the worldRead More
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