One year after became a unicorn, its Ukrainian founder helps coordinate donations from Silicon Valley

While some Ukrainian employees feel guilty about leaving their country in wartime,’s founder Oleg Rogynskyy believes there are several ways to serve Ukraine from abroad. Rogynskyy himself helps coordinate contributions from the Silicon Valley tech community in favour of Ukraine, he said in an interview with Financial Times (see excerpts in

With “a gut feeling that a war was going to start,” Rogynskyy helped his Ukrainian workforce leave the country before Feb. 24, as threats from Russia increased. defines itself as an “AI platform for enterprise sales, marketing, and customer success that uncovers revenue opportunities.”  Its technology analyzes company data in order to reveal “what sales activities will be successful to get your deals done and when to focus on which customer accounts” — which “the true meaning of predictive entreprise,” as Rogysnkyy defined it in a past media interview.   

The company has its headquarters in Redwood City (Silicon Valley) and several R&D centers in Ukraine.

In August 2021, it announced a $100 million Series D funding round, reaching a $1.1 billion post-money valuation. The startup raised its first equity funding round back in 2016, soon after its foundation.

Rogynskyy shared his vision of “AI in B2B” in an Andreessen Horowitz podcast.’s history was covered by Ukraine Digital News through a series of articles (see links below).

Topics: AI & Big Data, People, Startups
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