Global thought leaders support Ukraine’s AI community during wartime

Starting this Friday, a series of livestreams will go on until Oct. 19, with a bevy of US and European AI experts sharing their knowledge and vision of artificial intelligence. 

Dubbed AI For Ukraine, this non-profit initiative aims to support the development of Ukraine’s AI community during wartime. It is organized by AI House, the community arm of Ukrainian AI group Roosh, which involves “entrepreneurs, engineers, mavens, go-getters, visionaries, and dreamers” in various educational and research initiatives, 

AI For Ukraine involves such speakers as:

  • Yoshua Bengio, Professor at Université de Montréal, Founder and Scientific Director of Mila (“Bridging the gap between current deep learning and human higher-level cognitive abilities”);
  • Anna Rohrbach, research scientist at UC Berkeley (“Vision and Language: Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities”);
  • Alex Smola, a distinguished scientist and VP at Amazon Web Services (“One and Done – Automatic Machine Learning with AutoGluon”);
  • Gaël Variquaux, co-founder at Scikit-Learn, director at INRIA (“Evaluating machine learning models and their diagnostic value”);
  • and many others.

All the proceeds will be donated to ‘Come Back Alive,’ one of the largest NPOs supporting Ukrainian soldiers.

Global thought leaders support Ukraine’s AI community during wartimeRead More
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