Report: Ukraine IT companies gradually switch to remote work or relocate essentially within the country

In July 2022, IT Ukraine Association teamed up with the Sayenko Kharenko law firm to conduct a research on the relocation trends among Ukrainian IT companies.

Among the surveyed companies were essentially those employing from 50 to 200 IT professionals (28%) and from 200 to 1,200 (42%). 

While no details on the methodology are provided by the authors, the research helps understand the way in which Ukrainian IT companies have reacted to the turmoil that has followed the Russian invasion since Feb. 24. 

More than half (55%) of the surveyed companies did not move anywhere, switching to various degrees of remote work. A quarter (26%) mostly relocated within Ukraine with a minor part relocated abroad. While one in five (19%) fully relocated within Ukraine, not a single company among those surveyed had fully relocated outside Ukraine.

Among the reasons why Ukrainian IT companies are not relocating abroad are:

  • The impossibility for IT-professionals to go abroad;
  • Desire to pay taxes in Ukraine;
  • Team’s reluctance to relocate;
  • High operating expenses expected abroad.

Summarizing the main trends revealed by this survey, Sayenko Kharenko Adviser Oleg Klymchuk said: “The IT landscape of the country is changing, but [the relocation trend] is happening gradually and quite carefully.  Without a significant improvement in the situation, [the trend] will most likely continue, but it is fundamentally important that none of the surveyed IT companies answered that they have completed a full relocation and are closing down their business in Ukraine. The point of no return has not been passed. IT companies are waiting for the situation to improve and are ready to return.”

Read more:іdzhennya-ponad-50-іt-kompanіj-ne-provodili-relokaczіyu.html

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