New marketplace wants “the entire world to fall in love with Ukrainian products”

Would you like to wear a beautiful made-in-Ukraine silk scarf, enhance your skin with natural cosmetics from a Kyiv-based firm, decorate your home with stain glass produced by Sumy craftsmen?

You can order these items, and many more, on ‘Made With Bravery,’ a marketplace promoting thousands of locally-made products with worldwide delivery. 

“The world gave us three days to last,” says the platform, referring to Russia’s failed blitzkrieg against Ukraine this past February, “but we still stand. Moreover, we still create. We craft. We deliver. That’s why everything made in Ukraine is made with bravery.”  

Not only does buying on the platform support Ukrainian producers: the platform will “donate 5% of each item cost and an extra 5% [in case of payment] with a Visa card to the United24 platform for the reconstruction of Ukraine.” 

Launched by Ukrainian e-commerce major EVO, the marketplace is endorsed by the Ukrainian government

“We want the entire world to fall in love with Ukrainian products and establish a belief that Ukrainian means cool — and that’s why we created the Made with bravery marketplace” Mykola Paliyenko, EVO’s CEO and co-founder, was quoted as saying. 

“In wartime, the support of Ukrainian companies, especially SMEs, is extremely important,” stated Ukraine’s minister of foreign affairs Dmytro Kuleba, who sees in the new marketplace a channel for “Ukrainian businesses to export and earn money abroad.” 

Kuleba called on call on Ukrainian manufacturers to “actively open up the new opportunities of this resource” and pledged his ministry would “fully contribute” to the promotion of ‘Made With Bravery.’

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