Newly launched Ukrainian startup “leverages the power of NFTs for charities”

3×4, a Ukrainian-founded Web3 fundraising platform for non-profits, is launching its first campaign to support Children of Heroes

Teaming up with artists, this charity helps children who lost one or both parents during the war in Ukraine. It claims to have already supported 725 children as of Sept. 15, 2022.

3×4 is now raising funds to rebuild a children’s destroyed house in the Kyiv region near Bucha. Eight-year-old Katya’s father was killed in this house by a Russian rocket. Olena, her mother, was left alone with two children. 

In recent months, Ukraine has been home to several charity NFT projects. These include The Revival Project and Museum of War

The idea of 3×4 came to the mind of three Ukrainians – Artur Kachur, Dan Pasko and Sergii Reznichenko – in February, just before the war started.

Startup development in wartime

Pasko, a Harvard Business School alumni, is a figure of the Ukrainian investment industry, while Reznichenko served local IT service company Miratech as COO for 16 years. 

The startup also enrolled a UK co-founder and CMO, Steve Jones, together with several international advisors.

“We realized the potential impact of NFTs if just a small fraction of transaction amounts would go to good causes,” says Kachur, a former analyst in the venture industry and contributor to Ukraine Digital News. 

“In Ukraine and elsewhere, most non-profits don’t use new-generation fundraising methods. Basically, we help them leverage the power of NFTs in collaboration with artists and brands while providing usefulness and transparency to donors,” the 21-year-old entrepreneur explains.

“While bringing challenges, the war only confirmed the need for new fundraising avenues on the market,” Kachur adds.

Pasko’s private equity firm, Diligent Capital Partners, injected $150,000 into the startup to develop the product at the early stage. 3×4 is in discussions with other investors for additional funding (see pitchdeck).

Like many other Ukrainian-founded startups, 3×4 is registered under US jurisdiction — but Kachur says they’re in the process of establishing the headquarters in Finland.

You may support 3×4’s campaign for Katya by clicking on this link, and download the app online or via the App Store.

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