Coding in a war zone: Ukraine’s tech industry adapts to a new normal

Evgeniia Toporkova left Kyiv in early March as Russian troops closed in, making her way through familiar streets disconcertingly transformed by concrete barricades, rusted anti-tank obstacles, and nervy soldiers, before cramming with panicked crowds onto a train west. 

After that, the 26-year-old tech worker spent two days sheltering in a student dormitory by the Hungarian border. She was glad for the sleeping bag her employer, software developer MacPaw, had given her as part of a “survival kit” which also included a power bank and medical supplies for when the invasion began. She took buses across Europe, then a flight to Thailand in April, and one to Malaysia a couple of months later — places she’d always wanted to visit, and where she hoped her displacement would sting less. All the while, she continued to work remotely in her role as a product analyst. 

Coding in a war zone: Ukraine’s tech industry adapts to a new normalRead More
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