In Western Ukraine, far from the front, new IT cluster gathers 100 companies

A new IT cluster has emerged in Western Ukraine’s Transcarpathia, a region that hosts a number of refugees from other regions of the countries that are torn or threatened by war. 

Some 30,000 tech professionals were based in the region as of early September, up from just 2,000 before the war, according to Zhanna Kapitsa, the CEO of IT Cluster Transcarpathia (read here her interview in Ukrainian language).

More than 200 tech companies and 300 individual IT entrepreneurs had moved to Transcarpathia during that period. 

The new cluster already connects some 100 ІТ companies across such cities as Uzhhorod (13 offices), Mukachevo (7 offices), Khust, Shayan, Irshava, Perechyn, Vynogradiv, Polyana, and Svalyava.

These companies include, notably, Astound Commerce, Canfly, EPAM Systems, Genesis, Intellias, PettersonApps, Sigma Software Group, SoftServe, Squad and 4team. 

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Topics: IT services, Regions, Transcarpathia
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