Ukrainian-founded Web3 startups raised $1 billion in four years

While Ukraine ranks third worldwide in the 2022 Global Crypto Adoption Index, Web3 startups with roots in this country raised nearly $1 billion in investments over the past four years.

This and other interesting facts and numbers are contained in a report just published by Hypra, a Lisbon-based Web3 fund with a Ukrainian team. 

According to this report: 

  • More than 80 Ukrainian or Ukrainian-founded Web3 startups were launched over the p&ast four years;
  • 10 Ukrainian funds invest in blockchain projects and crypto (including  TA Ventures, Roosh Ventures, SID Fund, ZBS Capital and Hypra itself);
  • Some 50 Ukrainian blockchain development companies serve clients worldwide.

Hypra also shares a map of the Ukrainian blockchain ecosystem, and lists the top 15 Web3 companies with Ukrainian roots by valuation.

The Ukrainian blockchain ecosystem

$25 million in smart money for Web3 startups

Launched in March 2022, Hypra claims to have already raised over $25 million.

The fund’s team aims to help Web3 entrepreneurs “efficiently set up operational processes, create dream teams” and “build massive future businesses.” 

Hypra’s support also may involve “ready-to-work [in-house] blockchain development teams” 

In July 2022, Hypra invested $500,000 in EvaCodes, a blockchain development service company based in Kyiv.

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