Warsaw Industry Week connects Poland to Ukraine and the Balkans

A trade mission to Poland took place last month (Nov. 6-10), involving industry representatives from Ukraine, Albania and North Macedonia. 

Carried out under the Machinery and Devices Industry Promotion Program, the mission aimed to promote the Polish industry while stimulating exchanges with international partners. 

The program included a variety of B2B meetings with Polish companies, including:

  • SEB-COM, a 3D printing company from Warsaw; 
  • Danfoss Poland, an engineering company from Grodzisk Mazowiecki (which employs 1,500 people in Poland, according to its Senior Production Manager Karol Piotrowski); 
  • Prima Power, a leader in laser and sheet metal from Czosnów.

The tour participants paid a visit to the business incubator at Smolna Entrepreneurship Center in Warsaw, which supports small and medium-sized enterprises.

The foreign guests also visited the Warsaw Industry Week and its International Fair of Innovative Industrial Solutions, which took place on Nov. 7-9. The event, which attracted thousands of visitors and exhibitors, including leaders in their fields, offered a glimpse into new-generation  machinery devices and insights about the current industry trends. 

The mission allowed the foreign businessmen to discover  the potential of the Polish industry and to hold direct talks with constructors and suppliers of machinery, road and rail vehicles. Representatives of the automotive, shipbuilding, aviation, electrical and electronic and other industries were also involved.

The mission provided participants with many new business contacts and promising international cooperation prospects.

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