Australian firm opens office in Kyiv to train cyber warriors

Internet 2.0, an internationally-renowned Australian cybersecurity company, will train Ukrainian war veterans to ward off hackers as part of the nation’s defense efforts.

Visiting Ukraine in December 2022, the company’s CEO Robert Potter signed an MoU with the ministry of digital transformation, according to media reports. He announced the opening of an office in Kyiv, aiming to support Ukraine from the very heart of the country.

In an interview to, Potter commented on “the first-ever cyber war,” the democratic security order, and how Australia and Ukraine can help each other.

“Australia has a lot to contribute to help Ukraine, but we also have a lot to learn (…) about how cyberwar looks like. We see it is incredibly innovative in Ukraine, particularly through the IT Army of Ukraine. Prior to the war, I don’t think any country had studied cyberwar, where citizens — regular citizens — joined offensive operations and were hacking enemies,” he said. 

Unexpectedly, citizen involvement in this conflict can be observed in Australia, too. Potter cited “everage Australian IT kids” who are “sitting and DDoSing Russian websites, since the beginning of the war and up to this day.”

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