Ukrainian startup secures $1 million to counter online disinformation

Ukrainian VC firm SMRK has injected $1 million in Osavul, a company launched last year “to protect society from disinformation and manipulations from malicious actors.”

“The world has faced a powerful wave of propaganda and narratives discrediting Ukrainians and its struggle. New technologies — such as large language models like ChatGPT — make it easier to create and distribute any kind of content (…) thus increasing the risk of spreading misinformation. Hence the need for new powerful technologies for state institutions and companies to counter disinformation more effectively,” said co-founder Dmytro Pleshakov as cited by AIN Capital.

Among the company’s products are ‘CommSecure,’ which uses AI to “assess information environments;” ‘CIB Guard,’ to identify “coordinated inauthentic behaviour” across online media, messengers and social networks; and ‘Info Ops,’ which provides assistance in day-to-day information security operations and research.”

Osavul has been working tightly with Ukrainian government bodies in charge of defense and countering disinformation.

The fresh funding from SMRK will be used for marketing, technology development and international expansion purposes.

Among SMRK’s recent investments in Ukrainian startups Prengi (proptech ) and Aspichi (VR startup), notes AIN. 

Source: AIN Capital

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