Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania and Luxembourg launch “IT coalition” to bring Ukraine closer to NATO

Ukraine, Estonia and Luxembourg have launched an “IT coalition” as part of the coordinated defense effort against Russia, Oleksii Reznikov announced on June 15 during a Ramstein meeting in Brussels 

The Ukrainian minister of defense tweeted: “Today, at a UDCG [Ukraine Defense Contact Group] meeting, my colleagues, François Bausch [Luxembourg’s defense minister] and Hanno Pevkur [Estonia’s defense minister] supported my idea of creating an ‘IT coalition’ within the Ramstein framework. They are ready to take a leadership role in creating this group. So, another coalition to ensure Ukraine’s victory is on the horizon. This is sure to evolve into something exciting, so stay tuned!”

Lithuania immediately expressed its intention to join the coalition. in a press conference on June 16, its defense minister Arvydas Anušauskas stated: “I believe Lithuania truly possesses the necessary potential, and we will definitely join the IT coalition. We have the means to help the IT sector in Ukraine.”

The coalition aims to “help Ukraine’s IT sector to improve and reach NATO standards,” he was quoted as saying, in a format similar to the coalitions for Leopard tanks and F-16 fighter jets.

Topics: International, Military tech, News
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