How Ukraine has become a testing ground for new military technologies

Since Russian invaded the country in Feb. 2022, a variety of new military technologies have been tested in Ukraine. Advanced technologies have made the difference on the ground — as exemplified by US software used by Ukrainian officers to create detailed digital maps of battlefields

Meanwhile, Ukrainians have been developing their own innovation capabilities. Recent examples included, earlier this year, the launch of Brave1, a tech cluster covering a variety of fields — from weapon systems, to drones, to demining, to cybersecurity, to medical support — and the organization of an “Anti-Shahed Drone Hackathon” by the ministry of Digital Transformation. 

On July 11, the US-Ukraine Foundation (USUF) hosted an online event to discuss these evolutions. Produced by USUF advisor Mike Buryk the webinar featured Valerii Iakovenko, founder of DroneUA, Natalia Kushnerska, COO Brave1, and Vitali Laptenok, General Partner at Flyer One Ventures. 

Topics: Military tech, Analysis & opinion, Events & contests, International
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