US market leader acquires Ukrainian-founded HR performance software startup

Earlier this month Peoplelogic, a leading US platform for “organizational success in the future of work,” announced the acquisition of Plai, a Ukrainian-founded startup headquartered in Los Angeles. Neither the amount nor other details of the transaction were disclosed.

Founded in 2019 by Ukrainian entrepreneurs Andrii Bas, Sasha Chepurnoi and Oleh Kryvytskyi, Plai has developed a people and performance management software that helps organizations “create a high-performing culture where employees feel rewarded.” 

This solution “empowers organizations to streamline people management processes, drive employee growth, and optimize performance” while allowing for “75% of time-savings on HR admin tasks.” Plai claims more then 3,000 clients in some 90 countries.

Integrated with Peoplelogic’s organizational success platform, Plai’s solution will “enable businesses to align their teams, set strategic goals, track performance, provide continuous feedback, measure and analyze critical data — all within a unified ecosystem,” says Peoplelogic’s press release

This integration “creates a first-of-its-kind solution” that could “redefine how organizations drive employee engagement, enhance performance, and achieve sustainable growth,” the company claims.

“Joining forces with Peoplelogic is a game-changer for us and the industry as a whole,” commented Bas. “With the combined expertise and resources, we can create an unparalleled solution that helps companies accelerate growth and unlock the full potential of their teams. Together, we will revolutionize how organizations approach people management in the future of work.”

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