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“Massive” cyberattack hits Ukraine government websites

A sweeping cyberattack briefly knocked out key government websites in Ukraine Friday amid high-voltage tensions between Russia and the West over Ukrainian security. Kyiv said the damage was limited and held back on apportioning blame but the ex-Soviet country has accused Russians with links to Moscow for previous hits on websites and key infrastructure. “As …

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US fines Amazon for Crimea orders

Businesses face hefty penalties for operating on the Crimean peninsula, following its annexation by Russia in 2014 — a move deemed illegal by much of the international community and which resulted in the U.S., EU and other western countries placing stringent sanctions on Russia and barring firms from being active or investing on the peninsula. …

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US social networks, blogs allowed back into Crimea

The United States on Friday announced that U.S. companies can still give users in Crimea access to a range of free online communications services, despite an earlier U.S. ban on providing any services to the region after it was annexed by Russia last year. The decision will allow U.S. Internet companies such as Apple and Google — who previously announced that they were cutting off service to Crimea — …

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US sanctions block Crimeans from World of Warcraft, Diablo III

Crimean gamers were locked out of playing popular online multiplayer games World of Warcraft and Diablo III last week, as the game publisher was forced to suspend the accounts in compliance with Western sanctions. Major US Internet and tech companies such as Apple, Google and PayPal have suspended services to Crimean users over the last year. The United States in December barred US-registered companies from investing in Crimea or providing …

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