Business Services

On-demand research services

  • On-demand research: You need fresh data about e-commerce in Ukraine or another post-Soviet country? A review of software development providers? Specific data and contact information about startup entrepreneurs, tech investors or other players in Eastern Europe? The UADN research team and its expert pool across the region is here to help.
  • Startup scouting: UADN has developed deep networks and strong expertise about startup ecosystems in Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. We may help your fund or corporation identify potential investment targets or tech partners in these areas, based on your very specific criteria.We may also help you spread your information or offer across local startup and VC communities via local events, online communities and media campaigns.

International business development

UADN and its partners bridge Ukraine with the global market through exclusive industry connections and a global partner network.

The service offer covers internationally-oriented fundraising, business development, legal advice, PR and branding, market research, and more. Among our satisfied customers are a variety of startups, service and solution providers, banks, investment funds and public organizations.

To get more information about these services, please contact us at contact[at]

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