Personal use

All of the content published on UADN in various forms is protected by copyright. However, you or your organization benefit from large possibilities to use and republish UADN’s content free of charge and without UADN’s prior authorization. These possibilities are described hereunder.

Should you or your organization wish to use, copy, republish or store UADN’s contents in other manners, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss an editorial partnership or a commercial license.

UADN’s copyright policy is subject to changes. If you use our contents on a regular basis, please consult this page from time to time to check possible changes.

For personal and non commercial use you may:

  • View UADN’s content on any device
  • Archive or store any of our content for access by yourself;
  • Print copies of UADN’s materials on paper;
  • Download UADN’s RSS feeds and view them;
  • Share links to UADN’s pages by using the social tools we make available at the end of each material;
  • Forward UADN’s texts or links to other individuals through any mean, including emails and social networks.

Academic use

Students and professors may quote UADN materials without limitations by indicating the reference in the form of links to the borrowed materials.

In the case of abstracts, please make clear that the abstract has been produced by you by stating “this abstract from Ukrainian Digital News was produced by [name]”, with a hypertext link to the corresponding UADN page.


We define publications as any online media, including websites, newsletters, blogs, social networks and intranets, any paper media as well as books in paper or electronic formats.

UADN own-produced content:

We define UADN own-produced content as the materials published under UADN’s signature and:

  • Written by UADN’s editorial staff (example);
  • Written specially to UADN by editorial contributors or partners (example);
  • Publishers can, without UADN’s prior authorization and free of charge: Copy and publish extracts in the form of quotes without limitations; copy and republish the full texts, or very large extracts in the limit of one material per week.

In both cases, the source (UADN.NET) must be clearly indicated and a link to the corresponding UADN page must be offered.

UADN welcomes syndication agreements, which allow third parties to republish UADN content without limitation. For more information, please contact [email protected]

Contents from UADN’s editorial partners:

These contents are published on UADN under the signature of a third-party publication (example).

Publishers can copy and publish extracts of such materials in the form of quotes without limitations and without prior authorization from UADN or the third-party publication.

Should you wish to copy and republish these materials in full text, authorization either from UADN or from the concerned third-party publication is required.

Ukraine Digital News is part of the EWDN Network, a group of online publications dedicated to innovation in Eastern Europe.

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